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We are committed to delivering excellent customer service

One phone call to our Services centre is all you need; we'll arrange for a local Director to call and find out about your cleaning needs.  They will provide you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, QUOTATION

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Staff to management ratio

Our cleaning staff to management ratio is one of the smallest in the industry, that, coupled with our intensive training programme and our comprehensive quality auditing system, allows us to achieve real focus on both the quality of our staff and the quality of service being achieved in the workplace.

Each contract is managed by a Regional/Operations Manager who operates a small number of sites in a close geographical area, and reports to our Area Directors. This assists our site team in all areas of recruitment, training, administration and the improvement of customer service.

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Staff training

Our staff are trained to the very highest standards and strictly adhere to all Health & Safety guidelines, Electricity at Work regulations and COSHH legislation.

Supervisory Staff training includes:

  • British Institute of Cleaning Sciences Cleaning Processes
  • Health and Safety Policy and Requirements
  • COSSH Regulations
  • Personal Protective Equipment Supply and Handling
  • First Aid and Site Emergency Procedures
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Specialist and ancillary cleaning services

In addition to our regular service we operate an impressive array of ancillary services which we effectively co ordinate through our specialist service division. These additional services include :

  • Window cleaning,
  • Refuse collection and disposal,
  • Venetian blind cleaning,
  • Feminine Hygiene,
  • Entrance and Barrier Matting,
  • Property maintenance, and many others.

Contact us for more detailed information about our specialist cleaning services.  We can design a program to meet your needs.

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New ideas

At Pulse Cleaning, we constantly review and evaluate all aspects of our service to ensure that we meet our customers' current and future needs. We are always looking for new methods to enhance our results.  These include:

  • The use of micro fibre cloths, which do not require chemicals to provide 'smear-free' clean surfaces
  • New mopping system to facilitate faster drying (especially beneficial for daytime cleaning)
  • Adoption of the British Institute of Cleaning Science colour coding system as an aid to hygiene
  • Cordless, battery operated equipment provides a safer alternative to conventional equipment particularly where daytime cleaning is involved
  • An environmental policy dedicated to the progressive reduction in chemical usage

Our staff are regularly informed on the introduction of these features and trained at our own Training Centre to ensure that our 'best practice' policy is maintained at all times.

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