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Specialist Cleaning Services in South East England including London, Kent, and Sussex

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Window cleaning

First impressions do count and clean windows are part of a favourable first impression. Even more important, clean windows admit more natural light into the workplace giving the workforce a brighter environment and can save on the use of artificial light.

Our window cleaning specialists are trained in all aspects of cradle, ladder and platform work. We use abseiling techniques to access difficult areas. All equipment is specified to British Standards.

Whether your building is a high-rise unit or a single storey we will clean your windows and leave them sparkling.

Window cleaning presents potential hazards and danger to our cleaners as well as to anyone in the vicinity. Our strict safety code makes sure we work as safely as possible:

  • We use risk assessment models for all window cleaning tasks
  • Specific safety systems and measures are established for each site
  • All window cleaning staff is fully trained and well supervised
  • All equipment is maintained and presented in a safe condition
  • We perform a safety audit of every site at least once a year.

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Computer hardware and telephone cleaning

Many people spend most of their day working in front of a computer monitor. The anti-glare filters on most screens can actually attract dust and they mark easily. We keep them free of dust and marks and use special cleaning products designed for anti-glare coatings.

We also keep keyboards free of dust and debris and keep computers and terminals free of dust.

We also clean and disinfect telephone handsets as well as cleaning the keypads and number display areas.

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Venetian blind cleaning

We pick up your blinds, clean them, repair them, make the cords look like new, repair the blinds if necessary, and return them to you looking like new. There are no extra charges for taking down and re-hanging the blinds and pick-up and delivery is free.

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Entrance and barrier matting

We customise our Service and maintenance matting programmes to meet your needs. If you need Service Matting we analyse traffic flow and soiling conditions and recommend the right service frequency, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. In some buildings a combination of all three is the optimal solution.

We offer both bulk drop and on premise lift and lay services. We work with our clients to prepare site plans that ensure that both parties know the matting locations and that floors are always protected.

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Marble cleaning and restoration

Our marble cleaning and restoration service covers the complete range of marble care. Everything from regular cleaning and stain removal to protective coating, re-grinding, polishing and honing dull, marked, or scratched surfaces. We help you maintain the natural beauty of marble, granite, and terrazzo surfaces including floors, walls, vanity tops, table tops, and tub surrounds.

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Hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance

We use products and techniques designed to enhance the colour and texture of your floors while preserving their natural appearance. In addition to regular cleaning we develop a regular maintenance programme to prolong floor life in high traffic areas and reduce the need for stripping , sanding , and re-coating. When we do have to re-coat we use high quality materials that minimize yellowing and colour distortion and then apply a durable protective coating to minimize the need for care.
We strive to preserve the natural appearance of floors in your home or office by using products and techniques that enhance the colour and texture of the floor.

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Carpet, curtain, upholstery, and soft furnishings cleaning

Carpets, curtains, and soft furnishings need to be cleaned regularly. Not only do they look better, it extends their life. We offer fire retardant, anti-stain, and anti-static treatments for all your carpets, curtains, upholstery, and cushions. We make sure the service is absolutely right for you by preparing a detailed Maintenance Programme designed to meet your needs.

Our mobile staff can deal with routine cleaning as well as difficult stain removal. They use the method that is right for the job, from hot water extraction to a rotary brush system. We can also repair, seam, and stretch your carpets if necessary. We use a dry chem Method for lightly soiled areas that just need freshening up. It's quick and thorough, the areas dry in less than two hours.

Heavily soiled upholstery is first treated by hand and then cleaned using hot water extraction. Cushions are chemically cleaned off-site and repaired if necessary.

We can deal with all your curtains, no matter what size. If necessary we clean them off-site. We inspect them for signs of wear or damage and repair them as necessary. We then re-hang them for you.

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Feminine Hygiene

We have an integrated range of products and services designed for any commercial washroom. We use the most up to date methods possible to meet your hygiene and budgetary needs while proving effective Feminine Hygiene Systems & Nappy Disposal, Washroom Vending, Air Fresheners, Water Management & Urinal, WC Dosing, Hand Care Systems and Clinical Waste Disposal.

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