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We take immense pride in the quality of our cleaning services which has been built up through our dedicated efforts to develop systems, procedures and work practices to ensure that your premises receive the highest standard at all times.

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Quality is assessed on all customer sites, proactively by self-monitoring, daily & weekly by Site Management, and monthly by Area / Regional Management, then monitored by the Operations Director. Senior Management reviews the whole system.

We design a Quality Audit form based on each client’s unique specifications. The Site Manager checks against standards each day and records the results.   The Site Manager and Regional Manager complete the monthly audit together and the Regional Manager assesses and tracks the results and makes any changes that are needed.

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The quality contract audit form is completed every 4 weeks. This form encompasses all areas of the specification standards, Labour, Wages and Material systems together with Personnel, Health & Safety and cleaning machinery and equipment. There is also a comprehensive check on the legal issues to protect not only the company but our clients also. Any defaults found are entered on the Rectification / Action Plan Form, with dates for completion.

The client’s management then completes their assessment of our management and support, giving an overall contract assessment. This is then completed by the Auditor and sent to the Operations department at Head Office, where the actions required are completed, with a call to the client management and or a personal visit by the Operations Director to confirm complete satisfaction.

We also take great pride in our reputation for adhering strictly to all Health and Safety guidelines and operational procedures. These include ensuring that our equipment complies with Electricity at Work regulations and that non-hazardous chemicals are employed to meet current COSHH legislation.

All of these procedures are constantly monitored and reviewed by our management team on a regular basis to ensure that customer 'satisfaction is guaranteed' at all times.

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